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b. 1975, Spain

The works of Spanish-born artist Eugenio Merino deal with matters such as politics, religion and society with the purpose of making us doubt all supposed truths. For this he may use irony, humor, metaphor or oxymorons, or anything to make art a space for thought and finding the beauty in the idea.

Known for his more controversial sculptures such as “For the Love of Go(l)d” or “Stairway to Heaven”, Eugenio Merino works in different directions and mediums. Drawings, videos, objects and sculptures in bronze, resin or silicone are all part of his oeuvre. Each idea requires a specific material or language. The ideas are the language of Merino.

Born in 1975 in Spain, Eugenio Merino graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid. His first US museum show was held at the Station Museum of Contemporary Art (Houston) in October 2015.  He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions and has participated in a variety of art fairs, including Volta NY, Volta Basel, ARCO (Madrid), Art Brussels, FIAC (Paris), Armory Show, Arte Fiera (Bologna), Art BO (Bogota), MACO (Mexico), Art Wynwood (Miami) and has exhibited in the MOCA Museum of Taipei and the B.P.S.22 in Charleroi (Belgium).