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November 30 – December 5, 2021

UNIX Gallery is excited to participate in Art Miami 2021, held at the waterfront location of
One Herald Plaza from November 30 – December 6, 2021. The gallery is presenting a
carefully curated show including new works from KwangHo Shin, Athena Anastasiou,
Norbert Brunner, Richard Garet, Ellen de Meijer, Flavia Junqueira, C. Michael Norton, and
Llewellyn Xavier.

In his paintings, KwangHo Shin attempts to capture the complexity of human emotion and the
experience of the mind, as we perceive it visually. Evoking themes of Abstract Expressionism,
Shin employs intense and vibrant colors in order to depict individualistic expression of emotion
and a sense of self. He applies charcoal and oils in thick brushstrokes to distort and
exaggerate the subject’s facial features. His technique confronts the viewer with the resulting
emotional impact these painterly effects have on our understanding of the subject. Shin’s
portraits are able to document the psychological changes and clashes that arise in the self.

Richard Garet works with sound and new media within the visual arts. His materials emerge
from ontological investigations of background noise and the decadence-and-decay of technological
utilities. The images and objects in his work stem from processes applied to both
outmoded and current technological media, which emulate situations and translate material
source into abstractions.

Renowned for using brilliant colors to reflect the light and life of the Caribbean, Llewellyn
art serves a multiplicity of functions; philosophical as well as aesthetic. Drawing
inspiration from contemporaries of American Abstract Expressionism, Xavier’s bold daring
vision and grandiose gestures manifest in a boundless energy of sheer force of purpose and
power. His artwork is free of restrain, creating a pure vision that is both relevant and

Ellen de Meijer’s distorted, grey-faced subjects bridge classical figurative portraiture and
surrealist motifs. Disproportionately small bodies on large heads, eyes swollen with fear,
rejection, and insecurity, de Meijer’s figures connect to modern trappings – iPhones,
Bluetooths, Google Glass – that serve to alienate more than link. Ellen de Meijer regards her
‘ceremony portraits’ as the derailed and dysmorphic human qualities that characterize
modern mankind.

C. Michael Norton’s paintings thrive on a balance between vibrancy and neutrality; between
the organic and the geometric. The works begin as bare linen canvas taped to the floor to
collect random markings picked up from works in progress. Relying then upon his intuitive
reactions to what has been collected, Norton masterfully utilizes a number of methods of
paint application, including using hand-made templates to create lattice-like forms, and
squeegeeing layers of paint, to create energetic and surprising compositions.

Norbert Brunner creates opulent, reflective works that are made from a combination of
Plexiglas, mirrors, and Swarovski crystals; their surfaces are such that the viewer’s reflection is
thrust into the composition, which to Brunner is the final realization of his creative process. For
Brunner, the multivalent inclusion of the viewer is an explicit statement on the inherent
subjectivity of all art.

Athena Anastasiou explores her own personal mythology that deals with identity and the core
concerns of human existence. Her signature style incorporates traditional oil painting and
weaving techniques, with long colorful threads bursting picture frames. Anastasiou's lush works
connect humans with nature in a very organic and intuitive way. Her elaborate paintings
reflect a deeper need to merge with Mother Nature and embrace our origins.

Flavia Junqueira introduces us to scenes where the real and the fictitious, the physical and the
allegorical, the present and the past, the adult and the child, are combined; where History
becomes a memory. She creates whimsical and festive imaginary landscapes, where we
become immersed in the distant scenery of national culture, feeling the weight of history,
listening to the silence of the past. Balloons in her works are the performers taking the stage,
whatever the theatre is, be it the street or the sky.

For more information or inquires please contact UNIX Gallery at or by
phone at 212-209-1572.