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ManMade By Nature

Curatorial statement by Natasha Schlesinger:

When nature calls, technology might just be the answer and the solution, as artists see nature through the lens of technology. Could it be a way to highlight, celebrate and ultimately save what is most precious on this planet? Could seeing nature through technology in art be the next step to bring attention to what the human race values most ? Life itself.

We find ourselves in a state of a crisis as the planet keeps warming causing billions tons of ice to melt at unprecedented speed, which brings the rising of the seas and creates dramatic and tragic changes to weather pattern such as increasing numbers and strength of hurricanes and floods that result in massive human toll. Climate change is real and human existence is at stake. The solution is at times both overwhelmingly impossible to achieve and right in front of us. What can anyone of us do to help? Can we perhaps take individual and collective small steps as well as inspire others around us to join in the efforts to heal this planet? Can we influence change and celebrate the natural treasures around us?

ManMade By Nature presents eleven artists who rethink how to represent nature through the use of technology whether that means using materials, process or calling attention to the subject itself.