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b. Maracaibo Zulia State, Venezuela

Johan Galues’ work is infused with emotions that communicate through dreams, experiences, and the subconscious. Here, art adopts a tangible form in each of the series, employing various mediums and techniques as modes of expression. This boundless imagination encapsulates a significant inner world, as it enables him to convey the requisite expressiveness in his works and foster a broad progression of pieces. Within this infinite realm, every character comes to life, emerging from that internal connection where he seeks to explore the unknown. Our thoughts, fears, and emotions are not constrained by our rational side but find manifestation in their purest form within his characters, each possessing a unique spirit brimming with emotional depth.

Similarly, his works are rich in sensations, surrounded by vibrant colors and everyday elements like trees and nature, anchoring him to a past where these memories often transpire in his paintings, drawings, or collages. Essentially, this transformation, where various characters connect with each other as if they were souls, shapes his inner world and subconscious into a discourse that genuinely mirrors his intent. In this discourse, every being, every visage, takes form in a distinctive manner, free from artistic biases. He affirms, “I am unafraid, and I have unwavering faith in what I do, as what I create as an artist essentially represents my perpetual vision.” While many may appear troubled, within his artistic practice, they all emanate from the depths of the unconscious, surfacing within his infinite universe with the purpose of engaging and connecting with the audience.’