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UNIX Gallery is excited to announce its participation in Zona Maco 2014 at booth A205 from February 5 - 9, 2014. For Zona Maco 2014 Unix Gallery will focus on an excellent quality selection of works by established and emerging artists Eugenio Merino, Desire Obtain Cherish, Justin Bower, Marcello Lo Giudice, and Ingrid Dee Magidson.

Focusing on a meticulously planned, concise, curatorial presentation of our leading artists represented in New York and Miami, the gallery aims at functioning as an aperture to the future and makes an effort to introduce and establish prospective artistic mediums and succinct visions to the subsequent art world.

The works of Spanish-born artist Eugenio Merino deal with matters such as politics, religion and society with the purpose of making us doubt all supposed truths. For this he may use irony, humor, metaphor or oxymorons, anything to make art a space for thought and finding the beauty in the idea. Known for his more controversial sculptures such as “Stairway to Heaven” or “For the Love of Go(l)d”, Eugenio Merino works in different directions and  mediums. Drawings, videos, objects and sculptures in bronze, resin, or silicone are only a part of the possibilities. Each idea require a specific material or language. That is why these works have so much impact. The ideas are the language of Eugenio.

Parsons graduate Desire Obtain Cherish (DOC) is dominating the conceptual art scene. Emerging as an LA street artist in the early 2000’s, DOC’s ingenious and edgy artworks reflect the dark and humorous slant of American values on consumerism and fame. DOC’s artwork rarely elicits a moderate response, instead sparking conversation regarding his extravagant and fashion forward techniques and themes.

Justin Bower paints anonymous subjects as destabilized, fractured post-humans in a nexus of interlocking spatial systems. Born in San Francisco and currently living in Los Angeles, Bower’s post-human ‘subject’ separate human from non-human, interior from exterior and self from binaries. He addresses an invasive trauma that is encountered daily and how we might interact with it symbolically.

Born in Italy and currently living between Paris and Milan, Marcello Lo Giudice is an accomplished and well - renowned artist in Europe and considered to be one of the most innovative artists on the frontier of European Art Informal. The artists paintings and sculptures have been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows, including the Venice Biennial (2011, 2009) and focus on the triumph of beauty over violence. Primarily recognized for his butterfly sculptures and monochromatic sedimentary paintings layered onto burnt mattresses, Lo Giudice’s compositions enliven pigments to create a contrast between their beauty and juxtaposing symbolism.

Ingrid Dee Magidon’s paintings have crossed multiple boundaries. They are antique and timely at once. Using Renaissance images, long forgotten in dusty archives of museums Dee Magidson combines them with the contemporary use of modern and high tech materials. Employing a technique the artist calls “Layerism”, transparent layers are stacked so the viewer sees through the images into a unique world. Objects, antiques, butterflies, toys, fabrics become pieces of the world within her paintings.

The Unix Gallery booth for Zona Maco 2014 will feature a variety of works from each of these artists. While all display exquisite artistic execution and compelling, unique concepts, they address profound subject matters and issues from all areas of human existence, often intertwined with irony, humor and controversy in a wide-range of subtleties. Our booth will be engaging, sophisticated and thought provoking aiming at providing a forum for viewers to find a stimulative perspective on the contemporary art scene.