Desire Obtain Cherish Installation Featured At Saks Downtown

UNIX  Gallery  is  pleased  to  announce  a remarkable collaboration between artist Desire Obtain Cherish and Saks Fifth Ave, featuring a storewide installation of works from the artist's series "Meltdowns" and "Married to Success." The Brookfield Place location, 225 Liberty Street, is Saks’ second New York City store. This full line store opened near the World Trade Center on September 9, 2016. Known for his conceptual, witty, larger-than-life artwork, DOC’s colorful sculptures will entice viewers to engage with the fantastical and playful spirit of the holiday season.

Among other pieces, DOC's monumental stainless steel "Cherry Meltdown" is featured upon entering the store. The idea for this series came to the artist after having dinner with a friend years ago. “She told me she was breaking up with her boyfriend. I asked what was wrong, and she said, ‘Nothing’s wrong, I’m just kind of bored. Onto the next!’ Many people look at the sculptures of my Meltdowns and feel that I make art about candy. The truth is, I make art about us.” On closer look, the sculpture is a perfect candy discarded, “in fact, barely even tasted...Simply discarded, as if our attention span was that of a child’s.”The result is an incredible sculpture that challenge the decision-making process humans undergo while chasing the elusive state of happiness. Whether happiness is understood through finances, beauty, sex, or intelligence, artist Jonathan Paul, aka Desire Obtain Cherish, is fascinated with the pursuit and the decisions involved in such a journey.